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Safe Area Motors (Motors For General Application CGA1/D)

Salient features of TEFC Standard Motors:

BBL motors can be continuously overloaded by 10% or can be used up to ambient temperature of 55°C. Temperature rise will be as per Class F limits
All motors are with degree of protection IP55
All motors up to 280M frame are designed for 50°C ambient
2Z Bearings are standard up to 180L frame which are filled with high temperature grease suitable up to 140°C
On line re greasing provided from frame 225 onwards
SKF or equivalent make bearings are used and directly procured from the bearing manufacturers
Terminal boxes are large and can be rotated in steps of 90
Terminal Box location can be changed from RHS to LHS at site
Rotors are dynamically balanced with half key
All foot mounted motors are with integral cast feet
Outer bearing covers are integral with end shield / flange
V Rings are used in IP55 motors and no reduction in efficiencies as compared to IP44 motors
Additional anti tracking protective coating of air drying varnish is applied on the winding overhangs
Cooling fans are of aerodynamic design resulting in low noise and are bi-directional
Standard Motors are suitable for mounting with any shaft orientation

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