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 Lawkin Electric Motors

FHP Motors
Delphi Brake Motors

Lawkim has a wide range of motors ranging from 20 watts (0.025 hp) to 2250 watts (3 hp) in single phase designs and in three phase designs for 50 & 60 Hz. Lawkim takes keen interest and pride in developing special motors for customers, should standard motor range not suffice.


Hermetic Compressor Motors

Wide range of Motors covering entire Hermetic Compressor application, from 1/10 HP to 15 HP (including semi hermetic Compressors).Single Phase and Three Phase designs available.
In Single Phase design following sub types as per customer application are designed

Split Phase
Permanent Split Capacitor run
Capacitor Start Induction run
Capacitor Start Capacitor run
Overall insulation system is Class B with Class H Copper wire.
Efficient operation in most adverse conditions of Voltage fluctuation 160-250V for Single Phase Motor and 370 - 440V for Three Phase Motor.
Motors are manufactured in ultra modern facility on Microprocessor controlled Machines with highest standards of cleanliness.

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